Prestigious Law Firm Expands Into Manchester

Anexo Group, which is actually a listed credit hire and legal services firm has outlined plans to expand into the Greater Manchester. This prestigious firm floated on AIM during the summer. The AIM aided Anexo Group to raise capital to use in the expansion into the Manchester as well as Liverpool markets. They were actually looking to raise £15 million more for the company. Now there will be such type of law firm in Manchester.

With its headquarters in Ormskirk, the prestigious law firm operates solely in the UK. It specialises in providing replacement vehicles as well as other related services to penniless clients. The firm had plans to start focusing on road traffic accident claims with the utilisation of possible lead from companies involved in the clear up process. This is how they will get their clients new vehicles. Their focus on impecunious clients looks to get people who don’t have the means to get themselves a car get a new one.

Bond Turner which is the Anexo Group’s legal services division signed a 15-year lease for an office in Bolton, Manchester measured 9,745 sq ft. It is anticipated that in November 2018, the office will open. This site represents an important milestone for the law firm and increased deployment of the capital raised in June 2018 during the time the group was admitted to AIM.

Alan Sellers, the executive chairman when commenting on the expansion to Manchester talked about the necessity of their growth strategy. He said that the Anexo Group at the time of its IPO had an important aspect of its growth strategy was to increase the number of solicitors and legal assistants within their field. The firm felt that having more professionals within their legal services business would clearly allow the group to process its existing cases at a rate faster than before. In relation, this would allow the Anexo Group to take on more cases.

Bond Turner which is based in Liverpool has 215 employees at the moment. If they would recruit more staff, they would be restrained on the basis of lack of availability of experienced and legally trained employees. As he explained more about the Manchester office, the executive chairman, Sellers said the office in Bolton alleviates the issue of recruiting legal professionals and the group is pleased to report about the significant progress made by Bond Turner. According to Mr Sellers, the division has acquired new staff with legal services experience which joins the existing teams.

Legally, the firm had 127 fee earners out of a 200 staff when they were getting into AIM. They also have in-house barristers.  Besides, getting vehicles for impecunious customers, Anexo Group manages professional negligence claims while sourcing experts, consultants and photographers where necessary. The law firm in Manchester is a great addition of legal experts.